Our range of specialised services best suit patients who:

  • Are seeking alternative solutions for effective pain management caused by disease, injury, stress, or an unknown source
  • Are looking beyond ‘symptomatic treatments’ and instead want to tackle wellness from a total perspective
  • Need to pinpoint the root cause of their problem and effectively alleviate persistent discomfort or pain
  • Want to improve their range of motion or joint mobilisation, and quality of daily life.


To an Osteopath, the human body functions as a complete, working system. Through this lens, Osteopaths focus on the reciprocal relationship between the structure and function of a body. Through the manipulation of muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons, Osteopathy provides alternative treatment solutions to address problems associated with ongoing pain, injury and disease.

Remedial massage

Osteopathic remedial massages are a soft-tissue form of massage that integrates both osteopathic and stretching techniques to address range of motion, posture, blood flow, venous system, lymphatic drainage and nerve conduction. Our remedial therapists help patients achieve healthier joint positioning and o verall vitality (as opposed t o treating a specific injury or ailment).


In contrast to remedial massage therapy which is the first, basic building block of soft tissue therapy, Myotherapy is a clinical form of muscle treatment with a greater focus on biomechanics, postural analysis and injury rehabilitation. It uses a variety of therapeutic modalities including myofascial techniques, soft tissue therapy, deep tissue massage, corrective exercises, Tens machine and cupping.

Dry needling

Dry needling is an effective and efficient practice for the treatment of muscular tension and myofascial dysfunction with a strong focus on relaxing overactive muscles which contain trigger points. This technique is commonly used to treat muscular ‘knots’, bone periosteum (where tissues fixate to bone) or other soft tissues complications.

We allocate 30 minutes for a standard treatment. Some patients will need more than this. Some will need less. Understanding this, we appreciate your patience if one of our practitioners is running behind time.